A special hotel

Hospitality with Care

Hotel Restaurant Abrona is particularly special as this is the first hotel in the Netherlands to employ people with a mental impairment in its kitchen, housekeeping and service.
Hotel Restaurant Abrona offers these people the opportunity to learn a profession, after which some of them move on to paid employment in the business community.
In order to ensure the highest level of service and quality of a three-star hotel, they are supervised by professional catering staff.

Abrona products

Throughout the hotel, you will come across items produced by Stichting Abrona.  The soap bars, for instance, have been made in the Abrona soap workshop. The menus in the restaurants have been printed on Abrona art. And the paintings on the wall have all been made by Abrona artists. These paintings are for sale by the way, as are many other products at Abrona. Some of these products are on show in the display cabinet behind the sun lounge.